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My Moon Collective

My Moon Soul Bundles (Surprise Bag)

My Moon Soul Bundles (Surprise Bag)

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Surprise Options

The My Moon Soul Bundles have been an on going hit here at the shop! 

Choose from our selection of Surprise Bundles: 

A lovely Bunch of Crystals:

The smallest options.

In the bundle you will receive a large My moon Pouch full of a random collection of crystals.

Crystals & Other Things:  

The mid range option.

In this bundle you will find receive a My Moon Bag Full of a collection of crystals and beyond. Add ons can include, herbs, stickers, prints, and other mystic accessories. 

A Big Bag Of Mystic Things: 

This is the big Ticket option!

In this Bundle you will receive a My Moon Bag Full of anything and everything you can find in shop. Nothing is off limits with one! Each bag will be sure to include a pouch full or crystals with add on's from all sections of our shop. 

Please note:

The My Moon Team is dedicated to making the surprise bags exceed their value. 

Purchase of the  My Moon Collective Soul Bundles are FINAL SALE. There will be no returns or exchanges on any of the items received in your bundle.

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