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Homebound Tarot Deck & Guidebook Boxed Set

Homebound Tarot Deck & Guidebook Boxed Set

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Unique in its intentions, Homebound Tarot is a deck created for personal readings. It's built around self-reflection, inner guidance and centering. 

Experience self-compassion and personal growth with the Homebound Tarot Deck & Guidebook. Begin an exciting journey of self-discovery with reflective tarot readings.

The perfect tarot deck for beginners or those wanting to add to their collection. Suited for all levels of expertise, this deck is a great way to dive into tarot and self-discovery.

The majority of these illustrations are inspired by the classic Rider-Waite Smith Tarot Deck, along with personal interpretations of the cards and their respective meanings. The classic four suits of Swords, Cups, Wands, and Pentacles are used throughout the deck as well as all the traditional card names. The calming images in Homebound Tarot cards represent emotions - feelings you can see through movement and body language. 

Your tarot bundle includes everything you need to begin a journey into reflective personal tarot readings:

  • 78-card, full-colour deck - 2.75"x4.75"
  • 350 gsm cardstock
  • 1 190 page softcover guide book - 4"x7"
  • 78 full card descriptions with images along with summary notes, and a mantra or journal prompt for each card.
  • An Introduction to tarot cards and how to use them
  • An introduction to reflective Tarot Reading and the Homebound Deck
  • Card Spreads to try
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