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Eleven Love

Eleven Love - Moon Wish Bracelet

Eleven Love - Moon Wish Bracelet

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Beautiful, dainty and minimalistic string bracelet made from 100% silk string, crystal beads. Each bracelet has a special affirmation and meaning connected to it. This affirmation is printed on the back of the card. 

Once it is worn, the bracelet acts as a reminder of your wish. Included: bracelet, affirmation card, ritual card. Not meant for small children because of small parts. Please remove if any irritation occurs.

FULL MOON WISH: Moonstone Crystal and 14k gold filled beads

Special wish for the full moon written on the back of the card. Recite it as you tie the bracelet on.

Affirmation: my wish on this full moon evening Is to let go of all of the negative emotions I'm feeling To open my heart and release All of the things that no longer serve me So I can make space for love, light and alignment That is happening right now just for me.

NEW MOON WISH:  Moonstone Crystal and 14k gold filled beads

Affirmation: “My wish on this New Moon night is to make space for new beginnings to manifest in my life To open my heart to receive To have faith, trust and believe And that everything is now happening just for me”

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