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Vanderzee - Crescent Hair Fork

Vanderzee - Crescent Hair Fork

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Adding to the classic 'u' shaped hair fork with a crescent shape that will show nicely outside of your bun/twist. The crescent will then show nicely out of your bun/twist. Choose sizes Sm, Md, Lg and finish smooth or textured.

Small Ideal for shorter and/or light weight hair or half up with various lengths/thicknesses. 4.5 inch total length, 3.5 inch fork Solid 10 gauge brass (2.6mm)

Medium Most versatile of the three sizes. Ideal for most lengths and textures. Made with heavier gauge and 1/2 inch additional length than the small fork. 5 inch total length, 4 inch fork Solid 8 gauge brass (3.2mm)

Large Ideal for long and/or thick hair or if you'd like a portion of the fork to show more outside your bun/updo. 6.5 inch total length, 5.5 inch fork Solid 8 gauge brass (3.2mm)

Each hair accessory comes woven onto it's own kraft paper card with general instructions and branding. It is then sealed in a plant based biodegradable clear sleeve


*Please note that brass will naturally oxidize, giving it a darker antiqued look.

**Please note that each one is made by hand so you may expect slight variations in texture.

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